Flanders Painting has been very successful for many years in repainting the exteriors of Homeowners Associations. Why?
  • We are professional, dependable and CLEAN.
  • Our experienced crews are ALWAYS in neat uniforms.
  • A Foreman is on the job at all times to assist or answer any questions the homeowner may have.
  • Our men are always courteous in their interactions with the homeowners.
  • We are radio equipped so that we can handle any situation that may arise as fast as possible.
  • Our projects are started and finished ON TIME because they are well planned and very organized in advance and well managed during the entire project.
  • Our professionalism and experience prevents unwanted problems for the HOA, the management company and our company.
Are All Bids the Same?
We know that most people think that all bids are the same and that all painting contractors are going to do the same work, especially when you have a paint “spec” written by a manufacturer. While this is very logical, it definitely is not the case.

Interview the prospective contractors
Meet the contractor - ask him these questions – and then compare them to Flanders Painting:
  • How much "prep work" will be done and what type?
  • Do they caulk casings and facia?
  • Do they specify how much paint will be applied?
  • How long have their painters worked for them – especially the foremen?
  • Do they provide schedules?
  • What is their "system" for painting doors?
The lowest bid is rarely the best bid
A painting contractor can cut a lot of corners and still have his work look acceptable to the client. A quick coat of paint hides a multitude of sins. Usually the lowest bidder does not intend to spend the same amount of time or apply as much paint as the higher bidder. Beware; if it isn’t itemized IN DETAIL on the bid do not assume it will be done! The end result is… less prep… less paint… low bid… can it be the right choice???

Flanders Painting has a basic philosophy when we paint a structure: "The condition of the structure dictates what must be done!" Very simply, we do not cut corners! We invite our clients to check the preparation process and we are glad to explain each step and why it’s being taken.

Paint application
The amount of paint applied to stucco and wood will determine how long it lasts and how much protection it provides for that surface. Paint thickness is determined by two things: the "Spread Rate" – How many square feet are painted with 1 gallon; and measured in "mils" (millimeters) and specified as Dry Film Thickness.

Companies that over-thin the paint or that don’t apply enough paint can reduce the cost of their bids.

With this information you will be able to compare the amount of paint applied by different companies and determine which bid is the "best value over time".

Remember: if it is not specified DO NOT ASSUME THE BIDS ARE THE SAME.

Quality painting is an important part of every job, but SERVICE is what really sets companies apart from each other. Flanders Painting excels at doing all the things you can’t see when reviewing a bid.
  • Schedules & Notices: We provide the HOA with detailed schedules and notices for the homeowner.
  • Signs & Signals: We use cones, caution tape and warning signs of work in progress.
  • Repairs: No company can produce the perfect job, although we try, and when you find something that is unacceptable – notify us! We’ll repair it! No excuses, no fast talk. We fix it.
  • Warranties: we provide warranties which vary in length depending upon the number of coats and types of product we use. We warranty both labor and materials.
We hope this information will assist you in making your decision on a painting contractor. If you choose Flanders Painting we guarantee that you will be glad you did.
We believe that operating a quality painting business is really very simple...

"Our Work must be as Good as the Money YOU paid us."