Gary Flanders

Gary has been the owner/operator of Flanders Painting since 1983

Armando De Lira
Crew Foreman

Armando has been with Flanders Painting since 1989
(29 years)

Gerard Ramirez
Crew Foreman

Gerard has been with Flanders Painting since 1988
(29 years)

Fred Pulido
Crew Foreman

Fred has been with Flanders Painting since 1996
(21 years)

Journeymen Painters
Our painters, listed below, learned to prep and paint "The Flanders Painting Way" when they started with our company. This ensures that our results meet our standards. We call it the "Flanders Painting Product". All have been with us at least 13 years which is unheard of in our business.

Enrique Pulido - Asst. Foreman 1998
Rogelio Chavez - Asst foreman 1998
Gerard Arrellano 1997
Ignacio Torres 1998

Experienced or not - are taught the "Flanders way". No one is allowed to apply paint until they can demonstrate how to prep all surfaces correctly.